AbGradEAstrobiology Graduates in Europe

What is AbGradE?

AbGradE (Astrobiology Graduates in Europe) is an independent organisation with the goal of inspiring, educating and promoting networking amongst early-career scientists and students in astrobiology, space science and other related fields. 

The goals of the organisation are achieved through events and activities, such as workshops and symposia, and by hosting keynote speakers to promote astrobiology, space science and other related fields. Each year, AbGradE hosts its signature event immediately before the EANA Astrobiology Meeting (usually in September), following the theme of EANA’s annual scientific focus topic. 

As a result, AbGradE has developed as a hub and an incubator for new scientists to become involved in space-related research and to make academic connections in a stress-free environment. 

In order to better achieve and accomplish its goals, AbGradE has formed many collaborations over the years with universities, scientific societies and other scientific entities. Of those, AbGradE has an active and strong collaboration with EANA (European Astrobiology Network Association), from which it stemmed, and recently with the EAI (European Astrobiology Institute). 

Who are we?  

AbGradE is managed by a committee of enthusiastic and passionate PhDs and postdocs, all of whom are equal vote members. The original committee was formed over a few drinks at the conference dinner of the 13th EANA meeting in July, 2013 in Szczecin, Poland, and has since been greatly supported by EANA. 

Our members come from diverse backgrounds in the multitude of disciplines comprising astrobiology, space science, other fields of STEM, and beyond. All members can participate in every meeting and working group. However, for formal representation and management purposes, AbGradE also has executive committee members:

Executive Committee (2019-2022)

Ruth-Sophie Taubner, Austria, ruth-sophie.taubner ( at ) jku.at

Nina Kopacz, the Netherlands, k.a.kopacz ( at ) gmail.com

Representative on the EANA-council:
Silvana Pinna, France, silvana.pinna ( at ) outlook.com

Petra Schwendner, USA, science.schwendner ( at ) outlook.com

Alex Price, UK, alex.price ( at ) open.ac.uk
Hector-Andreas Stavrakakis, Greece, hecstavrakakis ( at ) gmail.com

Detailed committee composition and short profiles of the members