Declaration Statements

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

AbGradE hosts and organises astrobiology and space science-related events, encouraging people from all over the world to attend and to contribute. Its committee members, collaborating partners and associations have affiliations in numerous countries across the world. As such, we consider AbGradE a global association representative of all Humankind. Therefore, we consider paramount the making of a Declaration on “Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity” involving every person or party associated with AbGradE, or attending an activity or event organised by AbGradE, with the collective of the relevant people henceforth referred to as the “AbGradE community”. This is based on the history and the principles present in the following: 

The history of scientific diversity

  • The 1957 UN Space Agreement outlined that space is for the benefit and inclusion of all mankind; as such, no state, company, nor individual has more rights than those of the collective wellbeing and prosperity of every human. 
  • The fact that scientific research requires many opinions, viewpoints, angles of approach, productive and cohesive arguments; as such diversity is both inherent and required. 
  • The fact that, since ancient times, people of diverse gender, colour, religious and other diversifying characteristics have contributed to the advancement of science. From Ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Greeks, to the Greek female astronomer Hypatia, to the Arab mathematicians, Meso-American and Chinese astronomers, through the Age of Enlightenment to modern science with figures such as Marie Skłodowska Curie and her daughter Irène Joliot-Curie (both Nobel Prize winners), Rosalind Franklin and Alan Turing demonatrate that science includes and treats all equally in the light of progress and innovation. 

Multinationality – Internationality

AbGradE is a multinational, multi-gender, multi-ethnic, and multi-religion endeavour, and abhors negative discriminative, diversifying or divisive trait association. All individuals participating in AbGradE events are assured of equal opportunity, regardless of gender, disability, ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marital status, age, nationality or socioeconomic background. s


If any person has suffered any type of discrimination during an AbGradE event, please inform us and appropriate action will be taken. In addition, if you have ideas or suggestions on how we could further this mission, or note any inconsistency from our side, please contact us.