Blue Marble Space Institute

Blue Marble Space Institute of Science is an international community engaged in building a sustainable future and nurturing scientific interest among the public. Our mission is to explore life as a universal phenomenon and empower the next generation of scientists. We welcome applications to join as Affiliate Research Scientists by any scholars who have received their terminal degree. Our Young Scientist Program provides opportunities for undergraduate and post-bachelor’s students to participate as Research Associates with scientists at BMSIS. We also publish non-technical summaries of journal articles through our Sciworthy platform, and we encourage any of you who have written a journal article to consider writing about it for Sciworthy.

Point of contact: Jacob Haqq Misra


  1. Is this programme also available for people working in China (Macau SAR), Peru, etc?
    Yes! Anybody from anywhere in the world can apply to join BMSIS as a Research Scientist. See for more information.
  2. I have seen team of Undergraduates working on projects. How does that format work?
    The BMSIS Young Scientist Program provides opportunities for undergraduates to work with a BMSIS Research Scientist on a specific project, usually over the summer. See here for more information.