European Astrobiology Institute

The European Astrobiology Institute (EAI) is a consortium of European research and higher education institutions and organisations as well as other stakeholders aiming to carry out research, training, outreach and dissemination activities in astrobiology in a comprehensive and coordinated manner and thereby securing a leading role for the European Research Area in the field.

Point of contact: Wolf Geppert


  1. Can graduate students of other biological majors get postdoc at an astrobiology laboratory? Or do you have to take a PhD in astrobiology?
    So far, I am not aware of any Ph.D.s in astrobiology, so any related field should be OK.
  2. What is the name(s) of the summer school(s) and how often do they take place?
    We have usually different subjects and tend to repeat summer schools every 4-5 years to give every student a chance to attend. Please check the EAI website for announcements.
  3. Where can I find the videos of the astrobiology lectures?
    You can find some here:
  4. Can you please give us more information about Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructure Starting Community?
    This is a proposal submitted in spring and we will hear the decision in October. Keep your fingers crossed!
  5. Can international students apply for the summer schools or internships?
    For our summer schools we accept students from all over the world.
  6. Will the information on the summer school be available on the EAI website?
  7. What would roughly be the qualifications for being a part of the working group?
    You should be a student or scientist in a related field. The decision to accept members, however, rests with the Working Group Leader.