NASA Astrobiology

After 20 years of successful development of a vibrant astrobiology community in the United States, NASA’s Astrobiology Program has been reorganized to best direct progress in key areas of astrobiology research, ensure infusion of this research into NASA missions, and sustain mechanisms for interdisciplinary collaboration. Activities currently encompass five thematic areas organized as Research Coordination Networks.

Early-career opportunities, starting from undergraduate research, can be found here and include internships, postdoctoral fellowships, and collaboration or field travel funding. We recommend contacting prospective mentors or advisors ahead of requesting funding. Additional advice is available here.

Point of contact: Marc Neveu


  1. Given the current situation, what are the best opportunities for online learning?
    Education and outreach online materials are available here.
    A non-exhaustive list of online university courses can be found here.
  2. Are there any applications for marine biology students in order to joining NOW? Could it be a good way to apply marine biology in astrobiology?
    Marine biology students are strongly encouraged to engage with the inclusive Network for Ocean Worlds (NOW) Research Coordination Network, whose purpose is to bring together the Earth oceanography/marine biology and planetary science communities. Join here.
  3. What careers in NASA Astrobiology exist outside of strictly research or a tenured position path?
    Many! See here.