Astrobiology Introductory Course videos now online

The 2021 session of the Astrobiology Introductory Course (the 14th edition of the school) was held online from June 21 to 25, 2021. This online version generated several hundred registrations from all countries, and nearly 230 participants have taken all of the courses.

All the lectures are now available to everyone on the Youtube channel of the French Astrobiology Society. These videos also join the online database of astrobiology course videos on the Astrobiovideo site.

If sanitary conditions allow it, the next school session will take place in person from March 13 to 19, 2022. All information relating to this new school will be available from the beginning of October on the RED website.

List of lectures from the 2021 session:

Solar System Formation & Exoplanet formation & dynamics” – Sean Raymond (Astrophysicist)

Decoding lights from Exotic Worlds” – Jérémy Leconte (Astrophysicist)

Exoplanets & Habitability” – Emeline Bolmont (Astrophysicist)

Early Earth and Early Life co-evolution (1)” – Stefan Lalonde (Geochemist)

Early Earth and Early Life co-evolution (2)” – Johanna Marin-Carbonne (Geologist)

History, processes, and patterns in biological evolution” – Emmanuel Douzery (Biologist)

Are fossils the witnesses of evolution” – Jean-Sébastien Steyer (Paleontologist)

Prebiotic Chemistry in the Solar System” – Hervé Cottin (Astrochemist)

From Chemistry to Biology” – Kamila Muchowska (Chemist)

Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence” – Hugues Bersini

Ethical issues in Astrobiology” – Jacques Arnould (CNES Ethics Adviser)

The Tree of Life” – Laura Eme (Biologist)

Life in extreme environments” – Karen Olsson-Francis (Biologist)

Solar System Exploration” – Jean-Pierre Bibring (Astrophysicist)