European Astrobiology Institute presents “Life Beyond Us”

Original SF Stories and Science Essays from 44 leading science fiction authors and scientists on alien life here and beyond

There’s only one week left and it’s now over 86% funded!

What would life be like if it evolved in a cold ocean beneath an impenetrable shell of ice? Or on a world whose haze obscured any view of the universe beyond? Is there a common template for life, or can we expect to find preciously fragile silicon creatures drifting in seas of liquid nitrogen? How would finding alien life change our society?

Life Beyond Us introduces you to the strange new worlds beyond ours in 22 stories by award-winning authors of speculative fiction and 22 accompanying essays by scientists working on the origins of life, habitability and life detection. It’s going to be a fun ride!

Head over here to learn more about it on the Kickstarter website, and why not also check out what our president Ruth had to say in her EAI spotlight!

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